How To Ease Your Child's Daycare Fears


Daycare can be rough for some kids. Watching you leave can cause some separation anxiety in your child, which can make things rough on you as well. You can help ease your child's fears to make the morning drop-off a little easier for both your child and for you. See below for some tips on how to ease your child's daycare fears. Also, checking out your local child care services is a great idea, starting with sites like

Walk Your Child Through Their Day

Prepare your child by giving them a heads up about what their day will be like. Let them know that they will be playing, learning, meeting new friends, having snacks/lunch, nap-time, and when you will be picking them up. Preparing them about their day will help ease some fears if they know what to expect throughout their day. Remind your child that at the end of the day you will be there to pick them up.

Keep Goodbyes Short

Try not to linger too long and keep your goodbyes short and sweet. Lingering too long or prolonging your goodbyes may make your child want you to stay longer, which may result in crying fits. Direct your child's attention to an activity at the daycare such as a favorite play toy, game or direct them to one of their friends. Be sure to still give your child a proper goodbye after directing their attention elsewhere. Don't just leave without saying goodbye, and reiterate that you will be there later to pick them up. 

Bring Comforts Of Home

Allow your child to bring something from home to help keep them comfortable and to feel safe. Whether it's a pillow, blanket, favorite stuffed toy, or even a family photo, allow your child to bring it with them. Don't allow them to bring anything of value or that could be breakable. You can also give them a little note or a picture that you've drawn and put it into their lunchbox or bag to help make them feel special.

Call For Updates

You can always call throughout the day or have the daycare call/text you throughout the day to let you know how your child is doing. If it helps, ask to talk to your child if they are having a rough day. 

A lot of kids have anxiety about going to daycare, preschool and even school. Continue to remind your child that you will be there to pick them up after the day is through. Your child will get through this (and you will too). It will get easier as time goes on.


30 May 2017

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