The Importance Of Physical Fitness For Your Child


The rapid development of technology has greatly improved your child's access to information and communication, as well as ever more immersive video games. However, these advances, like all potentially worthy developments, have come at a risk to your child's health.

Children are becoming less physical fit than in previous generations, with issues such as obesity and formerly adult diseases occurring in progressively younger children.

You can avoid many potential issues of a sedentary lifestyle for your child by signing them up for a gym membership.

Why a gym membership?

Although children can engage in physical activities at home, the temptations of technology are just too great. The evidence of this is obvious in adults, who purchase expensive home gym equipment that they rarely use. Children have even less self control.

When your child is enrolled in a fitness membership, they have access to structured activities, such as classes and sports, during which times they are separated from their cell phones. They can also develop social relationships in person, rather than online, although the relationships can straddle between the two as they communicate online about their fitness activities.

What are the most important benefits of physical fitness for children?


Overweight and/or unfit children are beginning to suffer from Type-2 Diabetes, which was typically referred to as adult-observed diabetes because it rarely occurred in children. A structured physical conditioning program combined with a change in eating habits can reverse the effects of this disease.

Confidence and self-esteem

Technology has also unleashed new methods of bullying and body shaming among children. Social media allows multiple parties to engage in these activities in a relentless manner against a single victim, occasionally resulting in suicide.

American society's obsession with weight and youth culture particularly affects young girls, who are presented with unrealistically thin role models. Enrolling in a fitness program can introduce them to healthier aspirations of physical fitness and athleticism.

Boys can also boost their self esteem and decrease their chances of becoming the target of bullies through physical fitness. Most bullies tend to antagonize those who appear weakest among their peers.

Life balance

Modern societies are facing the possibility of a generation of children born with shorter predicted life spans than their parents because of sedentary lifestyles made possible by technology. Many public school systems have curtailed or eliminated gym classes because of budget cuts and mandated testing that requires additional class time.

This leaves the responsibility of promoting physical fitness to parents. The best way to do this is to provide a good example of the importance of a sound mind in a healthy body, and join a gym too.

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23 July 2017

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