3 Tips to Help Your Teen Succeed in an Online High School


For many years, teenagers had to attend school in person in order to receive a high school education. But, thanks to advancements in the internet and the development of accredited online high schools, teens can now get a quality education anywhere they have access to an internet connection. Traditional in-person high schools are not the best option for everyone-- some kids do much better with the online model. As a parent, if you have determined that enrolling your teen in an online high school is what works best for your child, you are sure to want him or her to do well. Use the following tips to help your child succeed when enrolled in an online high school.

Make Sure There is Access to a Dedicated Learning Space

Online high school offers a lot of flexibility for students and families, but it is still important that your child has a dedicated learning space where he or she can work on his or her online courses. Ideally, your child should have a desk and laptop set up in a quiet space inside the home. While a lot of assignments and tests can be completed online, it is also helpful for your child to have basic supplies, such as notebooks and pencils.

Develop a Regular Schedule

Each online high school is different; some online high school have live video conferencing sessions with instructors, while others provide access to recorded lessons and allow students to work at their own pace. No matter how your child's online high school is set up, it is important for your child to develop a routine and schedule to follow on school days. Sticking to a regular schedule will help ensure that your child spends enough time on school each day and stays on top of submitting assignments and taking quizzes and tests.

Communicate with Your Child

When your child is enrolled in an online high school, it is is everyone's best interest if you take an active role in overseeing your child's progress. Online high schools can help teach teenagers responsibility and personal accountability, but it is still important for you to make sure that your teen is participating. Take the time to communicate with your teen about his or her online high school courses. Make sure that you know when tests are scheduled, and check your child's grades to make sure that he or she is submitting work and isn't falling behind in any subject.


11 September 2020

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